Let me tell you about the most common and most crippling mistake I see brands make when it comes to their brand narrative and marketing content.

The biggest mistake brands make is to think they are the hero of their own story.

When it comes to your brand story, you’re not the hero. The story isn’t, or at least shouldn’t, be about you.

If you try to be the hero, your business will never grow to its fullest potential.

If your marketing centers on how great your company, product, or service is, your customers are going to ignore it. They may even reject it.

If you try to tell your story to the world, a few close friends are going to cheer you on, but it’s not going to grow your business.

Small businesses and big businesses both fall into the trap of talking about themselves, what they can do, what awards they’ve won, etc. and the truth of it is, your customers don’t care.

Your customers and your potential customers are not looking for a hero to save the day. What they really want, what they intuitively know they need, is a guide.

Your customers woke up this morning thinking about their own story. They’re thinking about their goals, hopes, dreams, aspirations, and wants. They are trying to find solutions to the problems, obstacles, and hindrances that are keeping them from getting what they want.

You see, they are the hero of their story, just like you are the hero of your story.

Instead of telling your story (about how awesome you and your product are), start talking about their story and invite them into a better version of it.

Instead of talking about all your product’s features, share with them what life will look like after using it, how they will feel, and maybe even what others will think of them because of it.

What I’m talking about is stepping into your customer’s story as a guide and not the hero. When you show your customer you are there to guide them to the right path and help them take the right steps, that’s when they will stop and listen to what it is you have to say. They will buy your product, and they’ll be better for it!

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