Writing blog content can be a lot of work, but even as little as a single blog per month can bring a significant return. I send out two articles every week, but you may want to do just 1 per week or even less. The key is consistency. Countless blogs are quick out of the gate but then falter just as fast. Here are a few things that I’ve found to help you remain consistent.

1. Write about something interesting to you

If you’re bored, your readers will also be bored, and it’s incredibly hard to sustain. Choose a topic that interests you. This will make your time researching and writing much more enjoyable, and we are a lot more likely to keep up with something we enjoy than we are something that is a drag.

2. Write about what you wish your new clients knew

You probably spend a lot of time explaining the same things and overcoming the same issues client after client. Writing articles, including this information, can save you a ton of time in two ways. New customers will be better educated, and you can give a quick, helpful response and redirect further questions to your articles rather than explaining all the nuances every single time.

3. Don’t write too much

Pick a cadence you can do consistently. Also, don’t worry about writing super long amazing articles every time. Seth Godin’s articles are famously and intentionally short, and he’s doing alright. Don’t worry about your word count; worry about saying something that matters.

4. Batch and schedule

Doing this is essential for me. The very thought of writing two articles every single week is exhausting. I would never be able to do that consistently. Instead, I write in big batches and schedule out my content about 90 days in advance. I love it because I don’t feel any pressure to produce. Instead, when I write, I feel successful, well-planned, and on top of my game.

5. Use multiple writers

You aren’t the only one who can give valuable information to your readers. Invite other team members to contribute. If that’s not an option, invite guest bloggers from outside of your company. You can also hire companies to create content for you. It can be expensive, but you can save so much time and focus solely on what you do best while consistently delivering valuable content to your audience!

If you take advantage of even just 2 or 3 of these strategies, you will be able to produce killer content with ease, and you’ll boost your brand’s authority too.

By the way, don’t forget to post your content to social media as well to get the biggest return on your time invested.