I want to introduce you to the Superman of the button world, the Buy Now button. The Buy Now button on your website will do more for the success of your business than any other.

So why is it that the majority of small business websites bury the button in the content or exclude it altogether? Instead, they seem to have a love affair with the Clark Kent of buttons that even has Lois Lane a little worried. Who is this Clark Kent button? “Learn More.” Learn More is the nerdy and woefully disinteresting journalist button with no confidence and even less appeal. 

And Learn More is doing about as much for your business as Clark Kent did to save the planet.

Here’s the worst part. So many small businesses are covering up their main call to action and hiding Superman and all his power somewhere underneath. When your potential customers visit your website, and all they see is Clark Kent, they are moving on.

If you’re using Learn More on your website, it’s time to find a phone booth and let loose Buy Now and all its power. Here’s how:

First, identify what step you need your customer to take next. Is it to buy now, call, schedule an appointment, request a quote, get a free consultation, come in for a visit. Whatever needs to happen, you need to tell them. You can’t assume that they already know.

Next, write that phrase (i.e., Buy Now) on a button, and place that in the following areas

  • The top right corner of your website (top center on mobile)
  • The center of the banner on your webpage
  • In almost every section of the page below

Finally, in every email, in every email piece of marketing you write, always ask what the direct call to action will be, and make it crystal clear for your customer.

This one change could double the number of sales or leads you get from your website overnight. So stop reading this article and go add Superman power to your website.