I like to ask myself this simple question from time to time, “Who is better than you at something very meaningful to you?” It’s a great question. It highlights selfishness and pride quickly. It also improves my perspective instantly and keeps me from getting too big for my proverbial britches. After asking myself recently, I wanted to take a quick moment to honor those in my life who inspire me by being so much better than me.

  • My wife, Hilde Marie. It’s quite easy to see that Hilde Marie is better than me at just about every important thing, but it’s a lot harder to summarize all of that up in one short statement. Hilde Marie is unbelievably compassionate, kind, and caring. She leaves everyone she meets feeling better and does it effortlessly. She is genuinely and undisputedly the better half of our marriage, and I’m so thankful to have her in my life.
  • My pastor, Greg Haswell. Greg is a man of passion and integrity. He’s an influential leader and the leader I most deeply respect. Greg walked me through the most challenging time in my life, and for that, I will always be grateful. He inspires me to be a better leader and a better man.
  • My mentor, Les McKeown. Les is a master organizational strategist. His ability to cut through any issue with clarity and provide a roadmap forward for everyone is second to none. Despite doing this for decades, he still pours himself out freely for his clients and colleagues. Thank you, Les!
  • My friend, Daniel Cline. Daniel is one of the best dads, I know. He’s an incredibly busy man who pours himself out for worthy causes. Despite all the demands placed on his time and his life, demands that would likely have crushed me by now, he not only excelled through them, but he raised three of the best kids I know. Raising kids well is no easy task, but watching him with his daughter and two sons, it looks effortless. Well done!

Hilde Marie, Greg, Les, and Daniel, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

To my readers, I’d like to pose the same question:

Who is better than you at something very meaningful to you? I’d be honored if you would share your answers.