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Take the Business You Built to the Next Level

Business Marketing, Growth & Strategy Consulting

Have you hit a wall?

You did it, you started a business with nothing more than a dream and a willingness to roll up your sleeves and now you’re the CEO of your very own multi-million dollar business. But now the joy is slipping away and you seem to be working harder and harder… dealing with more and more stress.


Are the things you did to grow no longer working?


Do you spend most of your day putting out fires?


Do you feel tethered to your email inbox, dreading the next problem?


Do you have a bigger vision, but can’t find a way to get there?


Are you carrying the weight of the whole business on your shoulders?


Are you missing out on time with your family?

Let’s build a plan for you to move forward with confidence.

Reach Your Maximum Potential

Grow Again

You can beat the challenges you face. We’ll show you how to start moving forward again. Let’s blow the lid off of your business!

Love Your Work

Rekindle your passion by sharpening your focus. A growing business doesn’t have to be a boring one.

Find Freedom

You can own your business without your business owning you. There is so much freedom in getting clear on where you’re going and how you’ll get there.

Eight Figure Focus will help you see your business – and see results – like never before.

Your roadmap to success starts here

1) Diagnose the issues

Give us a call, and we’ll uncover the real reason your business isn’t growing as fast as you want.


2) Get a Plan

We’ll create an actionable plan that gives your team a clear roadmap to get your business moving forward.

3) Grow Your Business

Watch your business grow as we execute the plan together, step-by-step.

Grow your company – fast

Find out precisely what is slowing you down

Do you think your business/industry is dead?

Do you wonder what steps you should be taking now?

Get your team heading in the same direction

Gain clarity in your messaging

Don’t just grow, start to scale your business

Scott Ritzheimer

President and CEO

As a business founder and owner, I’ve felt the frustration of working hard but feeling like you’re just spinning your wheels.

Over the past 13 years of consulting with and leading businesses, I’ve learned a lot about how to and how not to grow a business. I’ve taken all of the processes, tools, and strategies that worked and put them all into one cohesive system that is guaranteed to grow your business. By using this system and avoiding the mistakes I made, you can get back on the path to growth in a fraction of the time.


“Scottie helped me create a clear strategy, build a strong leadership team, and get everyone working together toward our common goals.”

Raul Rivera


“In short, this is the best marketing and branding money I’ve ever invested!”

Robert Mallon

Elite Coaching Solutions

“Give him the stage, and everyone in the room will know exactly what they need to do to move their organization forward!”

Greg Haswell



After years of growth, many business leaders get frustrated when the strategies that produced growth in the past stop working. At EightFigure Focus, we coach you to create clear messaging and an organizational roadmap tailored to your business so you can scale and grow faster than ever.

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You started your company because you had an idea that you could help others. And you were right! People liked your idea, and you started growing. You had to hire staff, launch new products or services, and you were making money too!

But then somewhere along the way (and you can’t remember at what point), it stopped being fun. It felt more like a job and less like a mission. Now you feel tethered to your inbox, you come to work and start “putting out fires” from the moment you arrive, and your team is busy doing stuff, but you don’t feel like you’re really making any progress towards your big goals.

So, where did things go wrong? Things are still okay, but you wouldn’t say they’re great anymore.

I’ve talked to many business leaders like you. Heck, I’ve felt what you’re feeling: something is not quite right.

At Eight Figure Focus, we work with founders and CEOs in all industries to cut through the noise and get their business growing faster than ever. We do this through in-person consulting, team training, and actionable keynote speaking at your events. We’ll coach you to create a clear message that connects with your customers. And then use our proven process to create an organizational roadmap tailored to the unique needs of your business and your growth cycle stage to get you growing again.

It starts by scheduling a free consultation. We’ll help you find out what’s slowing you down and create an actionable plan to move your business forward. Soon you’ll kickstart your business to grow again. 

You don’t have to settle for less. Don’t waste months or years beating your head against the wall trying to figure out what went wrong. If you’re looking for a clear roadmap to help drive your business forward, we can help.

Kick frustration to the curb

When your business growth starts slowing down—for whatever reason—it’s frustrating and confusing. If you’re like most business leaders, you might even wonder if you’re the right person to take your company forward.

You can get growing again! We can help you kick frustration to the curb and make coming to work fun again.

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