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I'll guide you and your team through my proven framework, so you can scale your business!
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Decrease Problems

Increase Profit

Is your business hitting a wall?

Does your company not feel as agile as it once did?
Are you working harder than ever, but not getting a return?
You are confused about how to move forward?

Your best days are ahead!

Directions For Your Destination


Increase Productivity

You don’t have to work harder to grow your company. At this stage you’ll get far greater returns by working smarter. I’ll give you several key strategies to ramp up the productivity of your team.

Decrease Problems

If you’re tired of firefighting and baby-sitting for your people, you’re in the right place. We’ll give you the systems and processes you need to getthem thinking like owners instead of employees.

Increase Profit

Adding revenue only means adding headaches if it doesn’t mean more money in your pocket. I’ll help you boost your profitability so that when your top line goes up, your bottom line goes up even more!

The Process

Diagnostic Session

Your business is perfectly designed to give you the results you are currently experiencing. To get different results, to get you where you want to go, we need to define your destination, we need to identify where you are right now, and map out the path to get you from here to there.

  • Learn how the problems you are experiencing are completely normal and 100% solvable
  • Understand the 4 leadership styles that you need on your team to reach peak performance
  • Empower your leadership team with a shared vocabulary and a clear path forward
  • Identify what is holding you back and how to fix it
  • Create an action plan to create the capacity your business needs to grow

Creating Capacity

To create capacity within a business, you have to start with people who make up the business. To achieve next level growth in your business, we are going to eliminate confusion and ambiguity within your organizational structure and lay a scalable  foundation for years of growth.

  • Restructure your org chart for maximum growth
  • Stop the unnecessary bickering and confusion
  • Know exactly who you need to hire and what they need to do to move the business forward
  • Identify and protect the flow of essential information
  • Identify key decision-making groups
  • Get your meeting schedule under control

Building the Right Leadership Team

The biggest stress remover for any leader is a high-capacity team. Once we have cleared up your org chart, in action session #2, I’ll help your team grow their leadership capacity exponentially and create a high-powered machine for decision making.

  • Tear down harmful organizational silos and put an end to leadership squabbles
  • Transform from a group of individuals to a true leadership team
  • Create a rhythm and drumbeat for high-quality team-based decision-making
  • Remove the pressure of having to make every critical (and non-critical) decision
  • Guarantee meetings generate decisions and achieve real results
  • Give your leaders a toolkit for personal growth and development

Destroying Silos

With a high-functioning leadership team driving the organization forward, you are now ready to build that same capacity into the entire business. We will build your businesses ability to work cross functionally at all levels, in an organic, natural, and incredibly effective manner.

  • Free up your leadership team to focus on the most important issues
  • Delegate the traffic control and tactical decisions
  • Create cross functional teams to proactively eliminate problems rather than running from one fire to the next
  • Eliminate infighting and politics
  • Get back the agility and nimbleness you had as a startup without sacrificing your economies of scale

Creating Alignment

Having laid all the necessary frameworks across the business, it is now time to align the entire company around it’s core mission, vision, and values. I’ll show you how to transform a mission statement from some writing on your wall to a force that guides every single decision made within the organization. Once you do, you’ll finally start to see consistent progress toward your goals day in and day out.

  • Get the permission you need to dream again WITH your team
  • Reconnect with and clarify your mission, vision, and values
  • Create goals that drive your mission forward
  • Identify the best business strategies to achieve your goals.
  • Translate all of this into daily action from the leadership team all the way to the ground level 

Empower Your People

When we get to individual empowerment it’s like lighting the ignition and letting the rockets burn. At this stage everything is ready to go, all we need to do is fire it up. Having done the hard work of structuring and aligning your team, you’re now able to reap the rewards.

  • Decentralize decision making
  • Enjoy the ability to focus solely on what you do best
  • See others take delegated tasks and make them even better
  • Create a structure for accountability, feedback, and continuous progress
  • Take a month off and watch the business actually improve while you are gone!


“Scott helped me create a clear strategy, build a strong leadership team, and get everyone working together toward our common goals.”


Raul Rivera


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